Thu Duc – New market for investors

Thu Duc – New market for investors

The Thu Duc bench is an outstanding project, drawing attention to many investors. Because the project has many conveniences, and is an expensive piece of land in the current market.


Built for the purpose, fulfilling many different needs in the market. Thu Duc project with many architectural scale. Attached is the possession of a prime location, in the heart of Thu Duc district.

With the central land of a district in Ho Chi Minh. The first thing is the scale and elegance of a high-rise project. Next is the important routes, and through other districts.

The project is adopted a model, helping customers to see the importance of a project. Accompany it is to see the prominence, of each architectural part.

Impressive model Thu Duc

Sa Bàn Kiến trúc Thủ Đức

Architectural Model at Thu Dưc

Is based on the original blueprint, and remade based on the blueprint. Model gives an overview of an architectural project. At the same time on the table of Thu Duc, it is clearly shown each part. Or to the most outstanding points.

Each model brought, telling the subtleties, being careful about the accuracy of the real project. To be able to see each impressive feature, each component of an apartment, or the utility show here.

Miniature map of architecture

The compass is like a miniature map. Because the architecture table is like a product, it represents the real project structure. Parts, outstanding features are on real architecture. All are reproduced most accurately through the model.

They are like a miniature map, because the effects and benefits from them are huge. Through the model you can see, the most outstanding of an architecture.

Kiến trúc Thủ Đức

Kiến trúc Thủ Đức

Construction architectural models in Thu Duc

Made and recalculated based on the original design, to complete the table based on the model design. Song Anh Architecture Model Company, completed the project at the model in Thu Duc.

The typical features are shown on the table. The whole architecture is described very realistically. From contours, apartments, or the surrounding landscape. All are arranged carefully and accurately.








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