The model of a skyscraper is on the one hand, showing a main side of the whole architectural project. Important and special parts, discussed in detail and specific in the one-sided model.


Ho Chi Minh City is an economic potential city. Here we can see large-scale buildings being formed. With the great architecture, and sophisticated.

Reference Quy Nhon potential

In high-rise projects, each project has its own characteristics. Most of the large buildings are very large, massive, and full of modernity.

Those architectures cannot be looked at in fact as a whole, precisely because they are so vast. Therefore, they will express the entire architecture in a miniature on the table.

Cao tầng một mặt

Cao tầng một mặt

Architecture one side high-rise model

Is based on the actual rate of the project. It is then recalculated according to the appropriate size of the table. Being able to start up files and perform architectural model steps.

High-rise one-sided compass with vivid representation and scale of a project main surface Through it you can also see the scale of the whole project.

In front of the building is the partial construction of the building. With the scale shown, this architectural project is extremely large compared to reality. Because the total number of floors of the whole building is numerous and wide.

Scale works

Sa bàn một mặt

Sa bàn một mặt

Powerful and compact, beautiful and wonderful. Desks working together Working masculine can do

Until, justify it while you can. Attached to us is one of those. One of the two desks working together.

Demonstrating the difficulty of high-rise table one-sided

Implementation of high-rise tabletop project by technician Song Anh. With strokes expressing vivid and impressive models. Only one side of the model is possible, showing the scale of the entire architecture.

With the difficulty of discussing the architectural expression. The height of the model, along with the way the high-rise tabletop is installed. Show the subtlety, outstanding features that the company shows.






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