The new model projects, implemented by Song Anh Company with many different designs or layouts. Bring back the model model full of vividness equally true.

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Model projects, which are large-scale projects, are represented in the form of models. From the models, you can see the details of the projects that the developers are about to implement.

With the present, more and more socially developing, urban areas sprout up tall buildings. Or planning projects, or factory factories.

Sa BÀn NhÀ MÁy

Factory model

All to be done easily and perfectly. Then the investors have chosen to implement the microcosm, to understand the project situation. And then will start implementing those projects.

The latest model projects in Song Anh

Here at Song Anh Company, we have just completed some impressive and new model projects. With many special techniques, as well as creative designs and careful implementation process.

Crystal Waters Aquamar Resort

Model project when resting Crystal Waters Aquamar, with special techniques of the table. Giving model Crystal Waters Aquamar a unique beauty, highlight of each part.

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With the new fake stone technique, showing the model of the resort made elaborately and artistically. The Vila apartments are crushed through rocks, seeing the harmony between nature and modernity.

mô hình nghĩ dưỡng

Resort Model

The model shows the whole hills and mountains, the slope is not flat. Demonstrate the sincerity of the project Crystal Waters Aquamar. Gives customers a model of European standard difficulty level.

Aloha Beach Village Project in Binh Thuan

The modeling project in Binh Thuan, is quite a prominent project in a coastal city. Made with a total area of more than 15ha. With the model shown, the Aloha Beach Village project is a quite special project.

mô hình Bình Thuan

Aloha Binh Thuan proect model

Just show the whole project, just showing the surroundings carefully. Since this is a location close to the sea, the way of expression must also be different from the models ever made.

Must create model features, taking the project as a highlight. In addition, it also has to combine the vast space, showing the honesty of the coastal city.

Project model Aloha Binh Thuan

Create for viewers the most authentic feeling. As the viewer can feel this project, is blended with the sea. Creating a sense of familiarity in the land of Binh Thuan, equally new.

Phu Tai – Binh Dinh Apartment project model

High-rise project in Binh Dinh with the combination, professional techniques of Song Anh Company. To create an impressive model of the altitude, as well as the model overview beauty brings.

mô hình Bình định

Phu Tai – Binh Dinh

With the sharp representation of the model, it makes sense that viewers can see the convenience of the project. With such a lively and realistic layout, it will enhance the beauty of the model.

A harmonious combination of layout and color of the model. As a highlight for investors, as well as customers refer to the project. Not to model too simple, but a combination of modernity and harmony of nature.

With projects implemented by Song Anh Company. All bring a different beauty of each model type. Bringing a model of particular highlights that Song Anh has made.






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