The model made in Ninh Thuan is implemented by investors. Helping the models in Ninh Thuan develop more, and at the same time bring many advantages to the land fund in Ninh Thuan.

The compass was made based on the blueprints, the miniature scale of the golden plots in Ninh Thuan. Express very honest and consistent with customers. Bring great attraction for investors who want to implement projects based on the overview of the model.

 dự án đã làm tại đây

News about real estate in Ninh Thuan

mô hình Ninh Thuận

mô hình Ninh Thuận

According to the news, the scale of construction includes a 45-storey building and a 39-storey building with modern and high-class architecture. Progress of the project from the third quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2022 put into operation.

Decision No. 49/2019 / QD-UBND investment policy for the Project. Royal Ninh Thuan high-class resort for Royal Ninh Thuan Investment and Development Co., Ltd. in Phuoc Diem commune (Thuan Nam).

With a total registered investment capital of VND 2,000 billion. This is a project of real estate for convalescence, exploitation of tourism services, dining, entertainment, and convention center.

Decision No. 16 / QD-UBND, on the investment policy for the 5-star luxury resort project. Combined with culinary commercial streets.

For Ninh Thuan International Tourism Joint Stock Company, under Hoang Son Joint Stock Corporation in Khanh Hai town (Ninh Hai), with a total registered capital of 550 billion dong.

Not only that, over the past time more and more strategic investors in the country and internationally. Looking to Ninh Thuan to invest in resort real estate.

Many “big companies” have invested in tourism such as Vinpearl Joint Stock Company, T&T Joint Stock Company, Mui Dinh Ecopark, TDH Ecoland Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, and FLC Group Joint Stock Company. ..

Advantages of projects in Ninh Thuan

sa bàn Ninh Thuận

sa bàn Ninh Thuận

This is a region that can be said, they are currently in great development. Attracting investment capital from abroad. Modeling in Ninh Thuan will bring many advantages for the development there.

With land banks adjacent to many convenient places, with the favor of nature. It will be an impressive place and suitable for many customers.

So to implement a model done in Ninh Thuan is not so easy. But here architectural model company Song Anh will bring it. The creativity, the beauty, the most genuine expression to investors.

Một số dự án của công ty mô hình Song Anh

Outstanding details of the model

sa bàn kiến trúc Ninh Thuận

sa bàn kiến trúc Ninh Thuận

With the innovative design, the technician department has brought to investors, some impressive models. The tables are shown very honestly through each stroke.

From model combinations, to color-coordinated colors. All are arranged carefully, to the most perfect level so as not to make a mistake for customers.

Not to make the model done in Ninh Thuan too simple. We decorate some model materials such as trees, lights, cars, people, … bringing the model to life.



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