Architectural modeling, is the process of implementing a miniature project. Design and construction of large and small project works. Create the best product, from quality to design. To bring an impressive image to the customers.


To be able to make a perfect project, it takes many stages to complete a project. Making architectural model is not simple just assembling

A sand table project needs to be on the most complete drawing. Then from there, based on the size, as well as the available ratio made. At the same time in the implementation process. The model needs careful observation so that no errors are left for the product.

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Making beautiful architectural models

mô hình kiến trúc

mô hình kiến trúc

A beautiful architectural model, requiring construction workers with high aesthetic. Because a project is shown the whole scale works. And show details, most specific to customers.

Making an architectural table is not simply a matter of construction but also a passion for the profession. Bringing the best, most beautiful model for investors.

The beautiful and overall house architecture of a project is done in the style of a miniature map. They show every detail, part of the project. From the advantages as well as advantages that the project brings. It is clear that the infrastructure, utility areas, traffic, surroundings.

The materials needed for the model

kiến trúc đẹp

kiến trúc đẹp

In order to support the best technicians, in the process of making architectural models. Here we will show you the products to complete an architectural model.


There are many different types of wood to make models. But the most common is Balsa wood. There are many features and advantages during the model construction process. As well as being able to withstand high weight, cut, trim or machined easily, lightly, …


Plastic form, transparent as glass. A fairly prominent material, second only to wood. They have good heat resistance. In addition, there are many different colors.

The durability of mica is quite high, corresponding to the aesthetics it brings.


There are many different types and quite popular applications. Is quite light material.

So in the construction with foam, should use a thermal cutter to ensure the surface quality, as well as the aesthetics of the product.


Paper has the advantage of waterproof, common sizes are 2mm and 5mm, capable of bearing very well but easily scratched.



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