Furniture benches are a form of tableware that are presented in the form of a small model. To provide an overview of a home space, or workplace.

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Architectural furniture tables are made on a large scale. The equipment, tools, … are expressed in detail and detail of each part. Just like every angle, the space that the model represents

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With the space inside, contains a lot of furniture. Such as tables and chairs, household appliances, … is for furniture model apartments. As for the office, will be shown things like desks, plants.

sa bàn nội thất văn phòng

sa bàn nội thất văn phòng

In order to provide an overview, the projects I carry out with the interior. As well as the appropriate arrangement for each place that customers want to refer.

Interior construction architectural models

Song Anh is recognized as one of the reputable model companies in the market. With a team of professional technicians, with years of experience in the field of modeling.

mô hình nhà ở

mô hình nhà ở

These interior models are carefully made but detailed. Since it is an interior table, more experienced technicians are required. Also, the assembly must be very careful, because the model materials are quite small in scale but need precision.

The implementation of interior table sa very difficult, requires you to have interior design techniques. The importance of it is that you can change ideas and manipulate easily. The model gives a visual visual appeal to customers as it is like a finished design that is scaled down.

Advantages of model interiors

Considered one of the modern and developed professions. Implementing interior tables brings many advantages for customers as well as investors.

With furniture sa, is expressed back apartments. Or corporate offices, are represented on a large scale. Be attracted by the apartments through the model. Because the parts shown through the model are too impressive and much attractive.

Architectural model helps customers to discover, inside the apartment. Just like the overall appliances, of the apartment you may be about to own. Or exactly where you will work here.

All are shown in the most specific way, helping customers refer or cover the overall interior projects. Serving for visiting exhibitors for investors.

The company implements an interior model

dự án sa bàn

dự án sa bàn

The real estate market is on the rise, due to the growing market demand. Since then, luxury apartments or planning areas are on the rise. Therefore, the architectural modeling industry has also since then grown more and more.

Song Anh architectural modeling company, is a company specializing in the field of architectural modeling projects. The architectural projects are done by Song Anh.

As well, here requires expertise and care for each product. To bring the best quality products and the most specific expression of each part. Bring satisfaction and best fit for each project that we carry out.





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