Real estate in Binh Duong – Architectural Model Song Anh

Real estate in Binh Duong – Architectural Model Song Anh

The limited supply in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City has made projects near the city such as real estate in Binh Duong or other surrounding areas flourish.

Factors that make Binh Duong real estate bloom

Binh Duong is the capital of industrial parks of Vietnam

Currently, Binh Duong is operating with a list of 28 industrial parks spread across Binh Duong, according to Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority. The place attracts investors to invest in this area. At the same time, Binh Duong is a connection with the southern key areas.

Ban Do Khu Cong Nghiep Tai Binh Duong

Map of industrial parks in Binh Duong

A series of land plot projects in Binh Duong are out of stock

From a predominantly agricultural economy, Binh Duong has emerged and flourished since the re-establishment of the province on January 1, 1997. Since then, the land plots here have been greatly increased, attracting investors to participate. In which the projects must be mentioned are Ngu Tuong Khai Hoan Urban Area, Golden Mall Urban Area, Lakeview land plot project in Binh Duong, Icon Central Binh Duong Residential Area, …

Sa Ban Du An Khu Do Thi Ngu Tuong Khai Hoan

Sa sat urban area Ngu Tuong Khai Hoan

Due to the heat of the large projects here, it has also affected surrounding areas. Land prices here are also growing strongly. Demand for consumption as well as the value of long-term future rental in Binh Duong is very large, so the “craze” for land continues to shift to the direction of high-end apartment and apartment projects in the region.

– Area 985m2 Two Facades, Located between 3 Truong Thanh Residential Area, Viet Sing Residential Area, Dong Binh Duong Residential Area
– Located near VISIP industrial parks, Song Than industrial park, Binh Duong industrial park, Tan Dong Hiep industrial park, …
– A large road leading to Truong Van Vinh street at one end, a future connected to big embankment of Rach Ong Tiep to the provinces
⭐Acreage 958m2 residential land
✔Price 7 tỉ 450 million VN dong
☎Contact: 0903 879456 Mr.Phong

The population density increases by 20-25% per year

Potential to accommodate accommodation for engineers and workers here is large. According to statistics, currently there are more than 45,000 foreign experts, engineers and more than 1 thousand high-tech workers and domestic engineers working in Binh Duong. Therefore, the potential to build apartments and houses here is huge.

Le Ra Mat Du An Icon Central

Lễ ra mắt dự án Icon Central

The project investors have started to propose and build high-class apartments and residential areas to meet the needs here. The company’s marketing campaigns are also being promoted. A series of project launch events took place. One of the indispensable tools to promote the project is the Architectural compass for the project, displaying its products to the investment quarter and customers.





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