Architectural model in Sihanoukville

Architectural model in Sihanoukville

The project of LZ Sea View Residences architectural model in Sihanoukville is located on O2 street, beyond Youth Shopping Center, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The project is being implemented from the beginning of October 2018 and is expected to be completed in early 2021.

LZ-Sea-View-Residences-SihanoukvilleLZ Sea View Residences – Sihanoukville

LZ Sea View Residences – Sihanoukville

To provide customers with more accurate information when studying about LZ Sea View Residences luxury apartment project, the project investor has trusted cooperation with architectural company Song Anh to implement the miniature model. of project.

LZ-Sea-View-Residences-model-in-SihanoukvilleLZ Sea View Residences model in Sihanoukville

LZ Sea View Residences model in Sihanoukville has been completely implemented by Song Anh company in accordance with the design drawings to the smallest detail, in order to convey the most accurate information to customers and investors.


LZ Sea View Residences model in Sihanoukville making by Song Anh Model

Made in 1/100 scale, the smallest detail of the project can be observed in detail, dimension is 1100×1500 (mm) and building size is 512x204x888 (mm). It is very reasonable to view customer information such as location, layout, landscape, etc.

Scale-model-in-SihanoukvilleScale model in Sihanoukville

LZ Sea View Residences is designed with reasonable layout. Two blocks in the center of the building to highlight the most important, the buildings are adorned with golden lines to avoid the inherent dryness of large buildings. Next, the parking at the bottom of the building is clearly marked and each vehicle will not be so confused when viewed.

LZ-Sea-View-Residences-model-in-Sihanoukville-is-designed-with-reasonable-layoutLZ Sea View Residences model in Sihanoukville is designed with reasonable layout

In addition, the interior details of the services provided in the project are particularly noticeable. The swimming pools and deck chairs on the building are designed by the architects of LZ company to create layouts and arrange a way. Elegant and extremely reasonable.

Interior-details-of-LZ-Sea-View-Residence-in-SihanoukvilleInterior details of LZ Sea View Residence in Sihanoukville

And the thing that is indispensable in these models is “green area”, if you look at the model summary will see a lot of green trees around the buildings, parking places, gates, on the roads, .. With the density of many trees, it is very easy to lose the highlight of the model, but with our experience we have used trees to increase the proximity of the environment, helping the image of the project LZ Sea View Residences more harmonious.

Landscape-model-of-LZ-Sea-View-Residence-model-in-SihanoukvilleLandscape model of LZ Sea View Residence model in Sihanoukville

Architectural-model-company-in-SihanoukvilleArchitectural model company in Sihanoukville

Finally, we – Song Anh model company would like to thank the investors of LZ Sea View Residences who did not mind the geographic distance of two countries to cooperate with us and jointly issue Model LZ Sea View Residences. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.


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