Báo Giá Mô Hình Kiến Trúc – Sa Bàn – Mô Hình Quy Hoạch

Báo Giá Mô Hình Kiến Trúc – Sa Bàn – Mô Hình Quy Hoạch

At the beginning of the year, up to the present time, the real estate market in Vietnam in particular is developing constantly. Making an architectural model quote for real estate projects is an indispensable need.

Báo giá mô hình kiến trúc cho bất động sản

Architectural model quotes for real estate

Song Anh model one of the pioneering companies in the field of architectural model making. Engineers team of years of experience in more than 100 model projects. Due to the increasing demand for models, we recently received a lot of emails and phone calls asking about the following issues:

What is the price of an architectural model?

It is difficult for us to answer this question, because: Architectural model is a high technical and aesthetic works. Depending on the structure, scale, material of the model, each architectural model will have different prices.

Therefore: In order for our Company to quote the architectural model accurately for your project. Please provide the following information:

  • Photo perspective
  • Master CAD drawings.
  • Size and ratio of model scale
  • The material you want to make (if any) for the project.

We will review and advise model design based on your intended use and send you a quote.

Contact to quote now !

During the project implementation, can I see the progress of the project?

  • If in Vietnam you can go to our factory at D3-02 KDC Him Lam Phu Dong, Tran Thi Vung Street, Di An, Binh Duong, Vietnam.
  • If in other countries we will take a picture of the progress of each stage and send it to you.

How long does the architectural model take?

The average model working time ranges from 2-4 weeks. Depending on the size and complexity of each project, the time may be shorter or longer.

What to do to get quotes as architectural models?

Guests wishing to make architectural models or receive quotes as architectural models can contact the following ways:

Method 1: Contact hotline: (+84) 983.21.24.21 for advice and provide specific quotation.

Method 2: Access websie: https://mohinhkientruc.org, fill out the information in the section: QUOTATION, we will send the price list as a model to your email.

Method 3: Send information to quote to email: mohinhsonganh@gmail.com, we will respond as soon as possible.

Reasons You choose SONG ANH model:

  • Specific and clear quotation
  • Have professional staff
  • Long experience with hundreds of projects at home and abroad.

What do you get from our service?

  • Reasonable price and thoughtful after-sales.
  • Quality
  • Progress
  • Reputation
  • Great support.

Let’s take a look at our architectural models implemented:

High-rise monochrome model

High-rise monochrome model

Dự án Aloha Beach Village

mô hình quy hoạch dự án king bay nhơn trạch

Need more support please contact: (+84) 983 212 421 or mail: mohinhsonganh@gmail.com

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