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“You are a customer who intends to be a model, but you do not understand it and you want to study and learn more about the model for completing the project you want to do….”

Song Anh model company specializes in architectural model was established from the team of architects, engineers, bachelors of art and experience. To create the perfect architectural model requires a lot of artistic elements, aesthetics, ingenuity, creativity combined with modern technology.

With a team of experienced architects and technicians who have worked with foreign experts in the field of architecture and modeling, we will provide our customers with solid architectural model products. It is a model of a number of categories of golf course master projects, public works, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, parks, projects, contest plan …

If you are looking for a professional production partner in the field of architectural modeling, please contact us immediately. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality projects, in accordance with budget and work progress.



That is a fairly simple question and almost everyone knows and will be understood as follows:

If you want to buy a house or participate in a planning project, the land area for project implementation is too large for you to imagine or difficult to interpret for your customers on that project. On that demand, the field of the model is formed.

It’s a miniature model with the right size for a real project. The main purpose is to give the viewer an overview of the project that he or she is interested in. From there, you can evaluate and comment more on the project.

There is also another element that is very important in the field of architectural modeling. This is a model material, important because it depends on the type of material that models it, which governs the whole process of modeling and how you model. Selection of material for modeling has a great impact on how the model is perceived. It will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your architectural model.

So what is the model material? How many types of material model? Where is the model material purchased?




Are you a designer? Do you model the architecture? Need to find a model material supplier? Are you interested in modeling?

With the current population growth trend, the real estate market is constantly developing. Therefore, some areas around this market follow.

Then the modeling material is something that is not lacking in your creativity, as well as in the field of architectural modeling. It is the element that creates high-rise architectural models, industrial plant models or massive planning models for display in events, exhibitions on architecture, housing …

For exploration purposes, most architectural models are simple blocks. At the same time, volume is an important influence factor and “foam” is first proposed.

For display purposes and architectural criticism, often the modeling material will have better quality such as mica, wood or cardboard. Again, choosing the right material for modeling is the key. In addition the models presented are highly complex describing in detail the actual colors and materials. For these models the use of materials is very diverse.



Along with the simple materials, an architectural model that becomes more vivid and true requires other indispensable materials, such as:

  • Decorative landscaping: model trees, street lights, vehicles, people, the green grass, …
  • Interior decoration: tables, chairs, television, invaders, refrigerators, shelves, cabinets, …

Benefits of the architecture model

Considered as the epitome of a massive real-world project. The benefits of the architectural model are immense. Express the full and detailed lines of design, sticking to the drawing works. In some model projects, it is also possible to use real building materials for practical purposes. And the important thing is to help investors, or customers, get a better view of the color and structure of the architecture.

The visual model of a building’s physical architecture should be used to showcase the construction works or real estate projects that real estate agencies or other industry sectors perform. If a customer is planning to buy a villa, a building of the project is under construction.

It is difficult to imagine the drawings when you do not understand the architecture. Architectural model will be the solution to help your customers feel more secure when buying your deposit, so it helps a lot in your business.

In terms of expertise, if there is a model that will help architects to consider their real project on a miniature model. From there, you can see the architectural flaws, see more clearly the risks to be able to overcome quickly. Helping the investment units minimize the cost of construction projects.

In addition, the model architecture has many benefits in the field of history. The models can recreate ancient buildings, reproduce historic buildings and improve them with unique materials. The value of these ancient models can bring enormous profits when exhibited to visitors. And in fact, this has brought a lot of success and a lot of revenue for modelers.

In short, the benefits that the architectural model brings are enormous. It is a resource for developing human minds, helping to satisfy the creative passion of human beings through each model they bring.



From 2000 up to now, it is estimated that there are several dozen model companies every year!

In Vietnam, the architecture model is on the rise. With the emergence of model companies, the harmony, balancing demand for customers. And now, the criteria for ensuring customer demand is no longer effective to develop.

From 2016 onward, innovation will be the criterion that model companies will implement and apply and that is one of the criteria that Song Anh Company focuses on.